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Thanks for visiting The Omelet Ranch!

We are no longer breeding but happy to answer your questions.

Chickens are fun. They make us smile every time we see them, and we hope that your visit here brings a smile to your face, too! We work with rare and heritage breed chickens, and the only thing we like more than a breeding project is sharing what we learn.

Our interest in heritage breeds stems from a desire to preserve some of the breeds that have gotten lost during the march of history. We work toward breeding these birds to standard and restoring them to healthy population numbers. All of our chickens bring us great joy, but being part of the effort to revive breeds that were nearly lost is especially exciting.

We have some creative projects, too! We are working towards establishing some varieties as breeds in the United States. When we work with rare breeds, they are from imported lines, and have not typically been available in the US before. Working with imported lines insures the birds we raise meet already-established European standards.

Take your time, look around, and enjoy your stay at the Omelet Ranch! If you have questions, please feel free to get in touch. We love to talk about our chickens!

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